one more revelation

by tinmouth

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released April 9, 2013

all songs by tinmouth
recorded by sam pinola
mastered by tinmouth
artwork by sarah jacoby

tinmouth is:
timothy tebordo
aaron sternick
alyssa shea




tinmouth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

tinmouth is timothy, aaron and alyssa.

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Track Name: withered on the vine
I don’t believe in destiny,
But it might get the best of me,
Then it won’t matter what it’s called.

This all-consuming universe,
We build it up and soon it bursts,
It won’t amount to anything at all.

I have seen a man wither on the vine.
Whither thou goest, I’ll be fine.

A subtle shift in dialect,
And no response means no respect.
I don’t think that you know just what yr saying.

Level-headed overtones
Can mask the words that chill our bones.
I don’t think that we know this game we’re playing.

Whither thou goest I’ll come runnin back to you
Just like you told me not to.
The difference: what we want and what we choose to do.
I don’t believe it’s fate or a failure to relate,
But I know I could wither while I learn to wait.
Track Name: miserable little cannon
The canon we know, the cannon explodes
And we are left to figure out what will matter in the end.

The voice from the grave, the voice you can save
If you’d banish any doubts, and just say what you intend.

Ignorance and influence go together well.

Lovers of life and lovers with knives
Go to battle over words that create the great divide.

The meaning’s the same, the meaning will change
All depending what you’ve heard, so be sure to pick a side.

Elegance or arrogance, it’s just so hard to tell

Rejoice, rejoice! you know how to make it last.
Rejoice, rejoice! Treat the future like the past.
Rejoice, rejoice! The mysteries of history.
Rejoice, rejoice! At all creation’s misery.
Track Name: one chance to guess
In search of convenience
In search of common ground
We know just what we’re doing tonight.

The contents of a life we thought we knew
Laid out and picked apart.
If we just question everything we do,
then why’d we ever start?

Relive each moment like we see the ending in advance,
But second-guessing is never equal to a second chance.

In search of contentment
In search of calming down (coming down)
We know just what we’re doing in this life.

Add one more to the voices of dismay
When time won’t play along.
We won’t give in, we won’t call it decay.
Who’s left to say we’re wrong?
Track Name: me & 'piph
Much too smart to romanticize destruction,
Much too dumb not to destroy.
So much easier to follow the instructions,
But so much harder to enjoy.

The flower’s fading but you say that it’s in bloom.
It’s more convincing once you’ve hit the bottom.
You’re equating the whole world with this small room.
It’s more convincing when yr at the bottom.

A work of art just to keep it all together.
A work of science to make it move.
Watch it crumble while you say “it’s getting better.
What’s left behind can be improved.”

One more revelation, everything will change.
Nothing will change.
Track Name: too beautiful to die
I won’t sacrifice all the things I mean to keep.
It may not be true, it helps me get to sleep.
My eyes may wander, but my hands stay by my side.
I’m an honest man, I won’t try to hide.

There is progress in standing still.
Make the world bend to yr will.
We know by now perfection is a lie,
But yr so beautiful tonight I want to die.

I can feel when I’m starting to stray.
I know it’s wrong but I can’t look away.
Then there’s you, there’s you, there’s always you
Who reminds me what to do

You know the power of standing still, etc.

I‘ll be good this time, I promise.
I’ll be good this time.