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Jonah Thornton
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Jonah Thornton Thus far, It's a good record. I found these guys on a thread in reddit, and like what they're putting out. Keep it up! Favorite track: the ledge.
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(free) 03:49


released March 31, 2015

timothy tebordo - guitars, vocals
alyssa shea - drums, vocals
aaron sternick - bass, vocals

recorded at uniform recording, philadelphia, pa
engineered & mixed by jeff zeigler
mastered by ryan schwabe




tinmouth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

tinmouth is timothy, aaron and alyssa.

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Track Name: physician, heal yrself
i wanna call this chief suckerpunch,
but she says i use that word too much
so i guess that that puts me in a bit of a bind.

woke up wasn't feelin well,
but i told this body you can go to hell
cause tonight i wanna see what trouble i can find.

we have a solution for you.

my movements make no sense,
cause i live life with no consequence,
and there is never any reason to decide.

happens again, doesn't matter at all,
there's always someone else to call,
and you don't need to look for a place to hide.

fine, we're all fine,
physician, heal yrself.
Track Name: prevent defense
she sees you coming but she’s not about to fight
no longer bothered by the problem, wrong or right
she’s seen the panic but she knows it’s not the end
knows what’s expected but she really can’t pretend

she doesn’t need you to defend her
cause if you need to then you’ll know her
she doesn’t want you to remember
worried that it means that it’s all over

she’s seen it happen and she can tell you how it goes
but if you don’t know now you’ll probably never know
cause she’s a veteran, knows what weapons are for
doesn’t care about the battle she just wants to win the war

no need for mediation
no rush to interpret
no hint of hesitation
if it was worth it

so was it worth it?
Track Name: the ledge
impossible to remember all that’s in between
unstoppable, we will never know all that we’ve seen

brought you close to the ledge, let you see it
let you see yr not that high
washed yr mouth out with soap cause you needed it
now i’ll know if yr telling me lies

i try to get through to you, but it’s all so new to you
and we don’t know what’s coming next
things come in stages, so watch for the changes
and keep hoping for the best

watched you stare right into the mirror
tried to blank the look on yr face
but no distance can make it much clearer
if you could you would leave with no trace

how will you know when it's the best one
if you don't take the time to wonder why?
it's easy to get lost inside the question
it's easier if you don't even try

you tried.
Track Name: all time
all is forgiven, she just wants to dance
and we’re all glad to oblige
we call it living, but we don’t stand a chance
if we don’t have a way to survive

how much time have you wasted
while you wait for something else do come along
how much time have you wasted
while you worry you might be wrong

all is forgotten, she just wants to sleep
and we’re all glad for the rest
we’re not stopping, but we cannot keep
waiting to see what comes next

can anything good come from this restless urge?
this is no special event, this is no catch-as-catch-can, this is all time

i will turn this around,
or i will burn this place down
Track Name: repeat the refrain
it’s not a celebration, it’s a warning
new every night, old every morning

all of us here were sanctified by shame
embraced embarrassment and sang the holy name
well i can explain, dear.
please don’t explain, just

repeat the refrain, refrain from repeating
oh, i’m afraid to die, cause i live for nights like this
repeat the refrain, refrain from repeating,
yr easy to deny but yr so hard to resist

it’s not a celebration it’s a warning
we don’t recall the youth yr mourning

all of us here were civilized by shame
embarrassed by ambition as we tried to make a name
Track Name: unified theory
i’m no one’s idea of a leading man
i’m in the world i’m of the world
and i’ll come through, i always do
when i’m in love with a girl

won’t settle down, won’t leave this town
don't know much other than this
and i'll be good, i know i should
i'd like to think i'll be missed

there’s no unified theory
it’s much too easy to wander
and if you ever drift near me
you’ll dream of pulling me under

blessed mother, meek and mild,
how’d you end up with that child?

i’m a prodigal son, a philadelphian
no random hand i was dealt
i won’t prepare, i don’t despair
i made a pact with myself
Track Name: same noise
we have no use for grand pronouncements,
stay tuned for the next announcement
i’m alive and awake and i’ll be sleeping alone

we thought getting lost was the point
we were seduced and then destroyed
slack-jawed and rotten to the bone

we passed the fire taking turns
put under the bushel and the bushel burns
i remember days of being wild

i’ll flip pages and stare at screens,
it’s all the same to me
i won’t complain i’m not a child

the same noise
get away from me

this is a check don’t negotiate
preserve, archive, record, curate
whose body is this anyway?

the old mythology defense
re-conceive notions until we relent
and we have nothing left to say

nothing left to idolize,
nothing to be entitled by,
there’s no poetry in purity

when there’s so much confusion
bad ideas become solutions
mistook yr meanness for sincerity

thought about it for so long
didn’t know what to do once we go here
we can’t leave it better than we found it
so it’s better just to leave

all i can do is hold on to you
Track Name: strange world
if yr being honest you don’t know what honest means
yr talking about things you've never seen
yr a tip jar filled with anecdotes that read like dirty jokes
watch yr knowing words go up in smoke

we still call it a miracle when anything gets done
momentum that won’t stop once its begun
but separate the moment from what had come before
or it will just confuse you even more

all the world seems so strange again
you’ve got it all so well arranged and then

if this is being helpful you don’t know what helpful means
we all know there’s no way to be redeemed
yr a sandbag on the bank for when the current gets too high
does it make you feel much better to say you tried?

there are secrets you can say out loud that hides them even more
like a path you lost you knew so well before
a thousand tongues are speaking, but language is a tomb
that holds on to ideas gone too soon
Track Name: my demise
there is not an answer
that could satisfy
i want broken glass, iron lung, empty room, silver tongue
don’t mistake accidents for excellence

you seemed to know what was coming
but yr reaction was delayed
we are far from even now
we may never see the day

why would i allow my own demise? (might be nice)

there is not a reason
that could bring relief
i want broken hearts, tired lungs, crowded rooms, silver tongue
don’t mistake confidence for competence
Track Name: stop paying
we depleted our resources
everything we had was broken
we wanted to be left with less
the perils of suspension took too long to manifest
and now we pay for what we used to have

and when the wages of sin become outrageous again, we’ll stop paying
and when the way we react reminds us all what we lack, we’ll stop playing
and when we figure it out beyond a shadow of doubt, we’ll keep quiet
they say the words that we use just end up lighting a fuse, we don’t buy it

she says she needs clarity
she says a well-lived life has room for irony and sincerity
she says i need someone to take care of me
she says she’ll be my wife but i know she considers it charity

oftentimes, the symbol and the word don’t match
off in time, the letter and the lover disconnect
oftentime, the subject and the verb don’t agree
off in time, the lips and the language won’t join
Track Name: what more can i do?
vulgar conventions and common inventions
castoffs and hand-me-downs like before
no simple connection no easy intention
no lovely lullabies or rewards

so what could i do?
where do we go from here?
the leverage that we used to have
will no longer work

perfect occasions and pretty persuasion
yr favorite fairytale isn’t real
so no conversations and no indications
no empty gestures just to feel

so what could i do?
where do we go from here?
the leverage that we used to have
will no longer work