surprise time

by tinmouth

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releases June 2, 2017




tinmouth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

tinmouth is timothy, aaron and alyssa.


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Track Name: get over it
look like a meteor, act like a star
follow the trail to wherever you are
yr a dollar store romeo, plastic bouquet
we’ve been listenin, you got nothin to say
with yr purple hands tied to the post
you tell yrself it’s just the way that it goes
with yr feet all tangled up in the chains
one more thing that you cannot explain

keep it moving why don’t ya
yr always losing why don’t ya
get over it

a screwed up eye, a quivering lip
a different day but the same old trip
could you contend? well that depends
what type of message are you trying to send?
this isn’t practice, no it’s the real thing
it doesn’t mean we know what’s happening
you’ve had enough, ask for more
the only way you can settle the score

civilization was a nice idea, but nothing’s happened since
have things gone along too long? well, i could be convinced

feel the earth shift under yr feet
Track Name: coast
i’m not scared of you, i’ll take care of you
but maybe you should be scared of me
go on and pull hard, upset the old guard
cause they don’t have anywhere to be
sure they’ve got tactics, to keep it static
but they don’t know how long it will take
self-preservation and expectations
more disappointment and more mistakes

i’ve been runnin’ so long
i can’t find the coast
there’s so much that i want
but i need you the most

it’s no fun to be coy, it’s not hard to be thrilled
(be wary of the things that they keep buyin you)
it’s so fun to destroy it’s so hard to rebuild
(you don’t want people to rely on you)

wonder what’s next, forget the context
there’s no way to see around the corner
we don’t need empathy, just say it’s meant to be
walk circles to secure the border
react to rumbles, you’ll start to stumble
while you worry it’s too fragile to break
each new lesson, will keep us guessing
More disappointment and more mistakes

cleared away a mess to make a whole new mess
every stumbling block keeps building to something
always wanted a rest and you end up like the rest