by tinmouth

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    releases 24 March 2015

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the ledge
all time
repeat the refrain
unified theory
strange world
my demise
stop paying
what more can i do?


releases 24 March 2015

timothy tebordo - guitars, vocals
alyssa shea - drums, vocals
aaron sternick - bass, vocals

recorded at uniform records, philadelphia, pa
engineered & mixed by jeff zeigler
mastered by ryan schwabe




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Track Name: prevent defense
she sees you coming but she’s not about to fight
no longer bothered by the problem, wrong or right
she’s seen the panic but she knows it’s not the end
knows what’s expected but she really can’t pretend

she doesn’t need you to defend her
cause if you need to then you’ll know her
she doesn’t want you to remember
worried that it means that it’s all over

she’s seen it happen and she knows just how it goes
but if you don’t know now you’ll probably never know
cause she’s a veteran, knows what weapons are for
doesn’t care about the battle she just wants to win the war

no need for mediation
no rush to interpret
no hint of hesitation
if it was worth it

so was it worth it?
Track Name: same noise
we have no use for grand pronouncements,
stay tuned for the next announcement
i’m alive and awake and i’ll be sleeping alone

we thought getting lost was the point
we were seduced and then destroyed
slack-jawed and rotten to the bone

we passed the fire taking turns
put under the bushel and the bushel burns
i remember days of being wild

i’ll flip pages and stare at screens,
it’s all the same to me
i won’t complain i’m not a child

the same noise
get away from me

this is a check don’t negotiate
preserve, archive, record, curate
whose body is this anyway

the old mythology defense
re-conceive notions until we relent
and we have nothing left to say

nothing left to idolize,
nothing to be entitled by,
there’s no poetry in purity

when there’s so much confusion
bad ideas become solutions
mistook yr meanness for sincerity

thought about it for so long
didn’t know what to do once we go here
we can’t leave it better than we found it
so it’s better just to leave

all i can do is hold on to you