surprise time

by tinmouth

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released June 2, 2017

timothy tebordo - guitars, vocals
alyssa shea - drums, vocals
aaron sternick - bass, vocals

recorded at the gradwell house
engineered & mixed by dave downham
mastered by ryan schwabe




tinmouth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

tinmouth is timothy, aaron and alyssa.

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Track Name: rorschach
started out with a list of rules
made it so hard just to play it cool
no need
to make clear how you got here

saysaysay what to do today
haven’t figured out a perfect way
never mind
i think that we’ll be just fine

when all that’s left of me
is yr memory
i hope that you will see
i never meant any harm

scatter plots so scattershot
life goes on we connect the dots
it could be
my mind is playin’ tricks on me

we spread out in a state of shock
we trytrytry to run out the clock
we were wrong
cause time still moves along

what have you done and what have you learned?
what would you become if you returned?
Track Name: anxious darlin'
oh are you anxious darlin?
i’ll bring you down
well i beg yr pardon
yr already down

what would happen
if you let go
and you left us down below?

just imagine
you had the chance
and we let you take yr place

oh are you overworked now?
i’ll see you through
you won’t wait yr turn now
yr already through

you gave me the keys
but you told me not to drive
you said i hate you so
but yr glad that i’m alive
you had a thousands fears
but you don’t know what they mean
none of them come true
but you don’t know what they mean

you get so upset
that i won’t play along
you said, ‘it’s natural
but it all ends up so wrong’
Track Name: get over it
look like a meteor, act like a star
follow the trail to wherever you are
yr a dollar store romeo, plastic bouquet
we’ve been listenin, you got nothin to say
with yr purple hands tied to the post
you tell yrself it’s just the way that it goes
with yr feet all tangled up in the chains
one more thing that you cannot explain

keep it moving why don’t ya
yr always losing why don’t ya
get over it

a screwed up eye, a quivering lip
a different day but the same old trip
could you contend? well that depends
what type of message are you trying to send?
this isn’t practice, no it’s the real thing
it doesn’t mean we know what’s happening
you’ve had enough, ask for more
the only way you can settle the score

civilization was a nice idea, but nothing’s happened since
have things gone along too long? well, i could be convinced

feel the earth shift under yr feet
Track Name: cologne
she’s got years until she must decide
tea and oranges by the bedside
she’s not influenced by the setting sun
she won’t regret what she hasn’t done

one to lust and one to wander
no shelter to hide under
you learn she’s someone’s daughter
as she turns the wine to water
so you try to de-fang her
arrogance to impotence to anger
she offers no absolution
so don’t wait for resolution

she will leave you nothing
plans may change she knows that yr still there
she know you’ll still be there

one to wander one to lust
you overrated trust
and though you talk of solitude
so quick to put down roots
well myths of self-creation
and airs above yr station
but once you followed perfumed hands
you never had a chance
Track Name: played yrself
said goodbye to all my friends
cause they wouldn’t come along
their advice will never end
cause i couldn’t prove them wrong
forget a statement of intent
if it won’t get me far
appreciate the sentiment
but i don’t know who you are

what does it mean
to empty yr head
and study the words of the dead?
what does it mean
to follow the way
if you don’t believe what you say?

said hello to what comes next
but i hoped for something more
i didn’t know what to expect
there’s so much that i ignored
and even if i laid it out
in a million perfect lines
there’s sure to be a way to doubt
if i followed the design

maybe there’s something to it

i plagiarized my younger self
to remember how it felt
Track Name: older than the sun
let’s cause a commotion, let’s make a scene
let’s keep it close, let’s keep it clean
the opposition- disloyal and dismayed
their perfect future’s been delayed
renew yr focus, clarity’s restored
still don’t know what came before
if every statement is an attack
we miss the chance to turn our backs

oh what a privilege
oh what a mockery

here’s a distraction, a way to distill
the separation- drive and will
unwelcome allies, unwelcome goals
lack of vision part for the whole
let’s lose perspective vanish to a point
let’s find a savior to anoint
if we’re too quick to correct mistakes
we’ll never know if we have what it takes

i am older than the sun
so when darkness covers everyone
i know we’ve just begun

we have no more need for space
there’s no distance from my heart to yrs
though i can’t see yr face

now we know there’s always more
so when life won’t go the way we planned
it’s easy to ignore
Track Name: comes on time
i didn’t mean, but it’s hard to look away
i was looking at yr eyes, i swear i was looking at yr eyes
tremble to show that there’s so much i don’t know
but we’re taking much too long, this is really much too long

i came to
no one comes on time
i come on time

sit next to me so that i can feel yr heat
am i coming on too strong, oh i’m coming on too strong
water and blood until we return to dust
but we cannot turn away, no we will not turn away

it’s probably too late as you
start to walk away
there might be a few words
i could learn to say

i can only imagine darlin as you
leave me behind
you have no interest in
anything of mine

another laugh
another tear
another way to disappear
Track Name: coast
i’m not scared of you, i’ll take care of you
but maybe you should be scared of me
go on and pull hard, upset the old guard
cause they don’t have anywhere to be
sure they’ve got tactics, to keep it static
but they don’t know how long it will take
self-preservation and expectations
more disappointment and more mistakes

i’ve been runnin’ so long
i can’t find the coast
there’s so much that i want
but i need you the most

it’s no fun to be coy, it’s not hard to be thrilled
(be wary of the things that they keep buyin you)
it’s so fun to destroy it’s so hard to rebuild
(you don’t want people to rely on you)

wonder what’s next, forget the context
there’s no way to see around the corner
we don’t need empathy, just say it’s meant to be
walk circles to secure the border
react to rumbles, you’ll start to stumble
while you worry it’s too fragile to break
each new lesson, will keep us guessing
More disappointment and more mistakes

cleared away a mess to make a whole new mess
every stumbling block keeps building to something
always wanted a rest and you end up like the rest
Track Name: generation to generation
generation to generation wonders what will happen next
it takes no time
is creation recreation? we will see just what we get
but this is not mine

so inspired by each breath that leaves our lungs
still so impressed by each word that leaves our tongues
set it on fire now we’re struggling to explain
sort through the wreckage to make sense of what remains

we’ll keep losing voices because we talk too much
and if we keep stroking egos we lose our sense of touch

it’s not submission
maybe reaction
hope for silence

nothing comes from patience
but what’s unstoppable
hope for silence
Track Name: undeclared and undefined
you were always so sincere
when you told me to hide
slow dissolve but ever clear
you took me for a ride

is this the end? well let’s call it over
we can leave it all behind
now we begin to take it slower
undeclared and undefined

i was always certified
clever and obscene
but this life is no sacrifice
when all the world is green

what are the terms and conditions?
the rules and regulations?

we will never go to war
i know you’d always win
we don’t know what living’s for
we might as well begin
Track Name: last longer
take a picture as yr memory starts to fade
was it something that you felt
or was it something you made?

re-read a book that once meant so much to me
could not re-kindle what it once inspired in me
the words were blurred i could not follow the plot
in between the chapters, there’s so much i forgot

avoid detection, til someone calls my bluff
avoid perfection, such a burden, not enough
hold the lecture, doesn’t matter what you’ve seen
withhold conjecture, i’m not gonna come clean

sang a song of sorrow, we sang a song of loss
we sang with feeling, but no meaning came across
the melody came easily, but the words were out of tune
the rhythm came so naturally, but it all ended too soon

it’s who we are
it’s what we are